BIONOMICS South Africa is a Biotechnology Solution and Consultation Company specializing in developing and producing solutions for recycling process of nutrients and waste for applications in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater and environmental remediation, end -to end. 


We are continuously pioneering and, investing in the future development of leading-edge technologies, and finding new and sustainable ways to address global food production and environmental challenges. 


Bionomics South Africa, owned by BluePlanet South Africa, has been founded to implement and develop the bioremediation offering, and the supply and installation of bioremediation technology such as nano aeration and hydrocarbon encapsulation technology. 


Our technology optimizes both anaerobic and aerobic processes to improve effluent qualities, while substantially lowering operating costs of wastewater treatment plants and improving the economics of biomass/biogas facilities. Our solutions are very effective at in-situ remediation of oils spills and downstream waste from industry, agriculture and other pollution sources encountered in contaminated bodies of water and soil.


The Key Features of our Job



Nano Aeration - Irrigation

Sludge Control in Farm Dams

Soil Remediation (POPs)

Odour Control

Ammonia Control




Nano Aeration

Advanced Nitrification

Disease Control

Improved FCR



Bioremediation Solutions

Advanced Nitrification

Advanced Denitrification

Odour Control

Sludge Reduction

Nano Aeration


In-Situ bio-remediation solutions

Hydrocarbon Encapsulation

Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

River Rehabilitation

Lake Rehabilitation

Nano Aeration

Specially targeted solutions for degrading contaminants such as Lindane and DDT

Industrial Waste

Hazardous Waste

Project Management


Providing global environmental bioremediation solutions.



Our world today faces unprecedented challenges, significant increases in the human population, unsustainable production practices and inadequate environmental conservation.


Meaningful changes to our current practices can only happen if they are supported by ambitious, proven, cost effective and sustainable solutions.


BINOMICS South Africa, believes that its products, services, and solutions have the potential to change the world for the better. We offer highly effective, economical, and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by our planet’s environment and its global food supply chain.

Microbial Products - Blueplanet SA


Bionomics SA is a proud supplier and distributor of BluePlanet SA products. BluePlanet SA products are proprietary formulas based on targeting select bacteria for specific applications. These bacteria formulas are grown and stabilized for long shelf life, and are easy to apply in the field.


BluePlanet SA products are proprietary formulas based on targeting select bacteria for specific applications. These bacteria formulas are grown and stabilized for long shelf life, and are easy to apply in the field.


Advantages of using BluePlanet SA microbial products:


  • Stabilized microbes that can be brewed together as a consortium.
  • Cost effective on-site brewing of notoriously difficult to grow nitrifying microbes.
  • Acclimatization of microbes to site specific conditions.
  • Easily adjustable brewing protocols for evolving site conditions.
  • In-Situ Bioremediation Programs.
  • Nano Aeration technology to ensure oxidation, aeration and inert gas encapsulation.
  • Hydrocarbon encapsulation technology for rapid reaction prior to application of microbes to spoils.


    Nano Aeration Technology - Advanced oxidation


    Bionomics is a proud supplier and distributor of Moleaer™ Nanobubble Technology. Moleaer's patented technology injects trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles or nanobubbles into liquid to deliver best-in-class gas-to-liquid transfer. Nanobubbles are non-buoyant and electrochemically active, and they produce oxidants and reduce surface tension. These characteristics enable nanobubbles to replace inefficient, energy-intensive gas transfer equipment and harmful chemical oxidants and surfactants with a single, energy-efficient, chemical-free solution.


    Bionomics has achieved over 40 successful nano aeration installations over a 48 month period. Successfully incorporating nano aeration into large scale bioremediation projects and introduced nano aeration into the following sectors:


  • Municipal Waste Water
  • Environmental Bioremediation
  • Sugar Mill Spills
  • Dairy Wastewater
  • Lakes and Dams
  • Paper and Pulp Wastewater
  • Advantages of Moleaer™ Nanobubble Technology

  • Increased crop yields by up to 56%
  • Reduced oxygen demand in salmon farms by 70%
  • Demonstrated that O2 NBs can replace chlorine for food sanitization
  • Reduced the overreliance on chemical pesticides in >200 water bodies
  • Reduced energy consumption in a municipal wastewater treatment plant by >40% and increased treatment capacity by >25%
  • Through the nanobubble production process, Moleaer transfers gas into liquid 30x more efficiently than traditional gas transfer (aeration) systems
  • nanobubble technology

    XBT™ Nanobubble Generator



    Clear™ Nanobubble Generator



    Nexus™ Nanobubble Generator

    Neo™ Nanobubble Generator with Oxygen Enriched Air




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